A graduate of the BFA program at Eastern Kentucky University, I work as a full time graphic designer leading the brand for eCampus.com, a Top 250 Internet Retailer that offers cheaper alternatives to students needing textbooks. My career here has allowed me to work in a highly competitive market that targets America's college students, requiring me to use a constantly evolving sense of creativity with a fresh angle. This has proven to be an exciting demographic, and I enjoy brainstorming with my team to gather different perspectives and turning them into captivating designs and campaigns to relate to students everywhere.

Outside the office, I work with clients around the world with various needs. Sometimes it's an entrepreneur starting a new business. Sometimes it's a recording artist selling merchandise on the road. Sometimes it's a 4 year old's birthday party. There's never a task too big or too small, because I always seem to learn something new from each design I have the opportunity to work with. Take a spin through my work and you'll get an idea of some of the great projects and people I've been fortunate enough to encounter.

When I'm not designing, I love getting out and exploring multiple interests. After rescuing Maggie, my 6 year old Weimaraner, most of my free time is spent with her. Whether it's on a five mile hike or in a canoe down the river, we are always on some grand adventure. I also enjoy tennis, bowling, Marvel comics, live events, college basketball and Broadway. Traveling is also a great passion of mine, as I've recently spent time in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston and of course, New York City.

Feel free to contact me, and I'll be glad to share more of who I am, and what I do.